Hanumex Green Backdrop Photo Light Studio Photography Background Accurate 8×12 Ft for Studio – Camera Accessory

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8 x 12 ft Background perfect for television, video production and digital photography.
Rod pocket on each top edge allows to be draped or hung. Finished along all edges to prevent tears.

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Hanumex Green Backdrop – Features and How to Work With It

Green screen or green backdrop has become important for YouTubers who want to replace their background setting with exotic and picturesque settings of their choice. This type of screen is one of the most important accessories in the arsenal of anybody who wants to shoot high-quality videos to post on YouTube and other video blogging websites out there. The Hanumex Green Backdrop is one of the newest entrants in the green screen market, and is ideal for photography sessions in studios, capturing videos, and more. This Green screen for YouTube comes from the brand Hanumex.

Features of Hanumex Green screen for Youtube

The backdrop measures 8 by 12 feet in dimensions.

It is ideal to be used for digital photography, video production, and television productions.

Each edge of the top of this green backdrop consists of rod pockets, which let it be hung or draped easily. There is a proper finish along every edge, which helps prevent any tear to the surface.

The backdrop has been designed to be long-lasting and consists of a proper vertical sense. It is composed fully out of pure muslin. This single-piece backdrop comes with completely stitched edges and a rod pocket. It has a smooth design. There are strips offered to fix the curtain rings, which do their work quite effectively.

This Green screen for YouTube is light in weight and you can easily use it and fix it at any spot that you wish. You can even fix it against a hard surface, such as a wall if you lack the space to hang it. The screen will do its job nonetheless.

The package comprises of just the backdrop along with its case. The stand has to be purchased separately.

About the Hanumex Green Screen for Youtube

Made out of pure muslin with a wrinkle-free surface, this high-quality backdrop from Hanumex is perfect for beginners who have little capital but want to change their video background while editing the footage that they have shot.

Vibrant in color, the backdrop comes with nice quality – which makes it perfect for the beginner or even pro YouTubers. It can be captured easily in standard light and removed conveniently at the time of production.

The shape and size of the Green screen for YouTube are perfect and designed to help fill the entire lens area during photography or videography sessions. This is a stretchable cloth screen and there are no concerns about creases, which is quite a problem with many other types of cloths. Creases lead to shadows and make green screens uneven in form, which has to be ironed out in order to smoothen the surface. The Hanumex Green Backdrop, however, can save much time.

The Green screen for YouTube has a good length and can offer proper color in case it is used in a good light. When it is folded, there are no worries that the surface will form wrinkles. This backdrop works quite similar to a window screen with the option for hanging being present. It can be used by beginners and even pros. For the most perfect background, it is best to place this against a background of darker color.

With usage over a long time, the Green screen for the YouTube surface might get wrinkled. If needed, you need to use steam iron for smoothening the back surface of this green backdrop. However, you should avoid dry ironing the screen.

How to Use the Green Backdrop from Hanumex?

Whether in romantic movies or in action blockbusters, Green Screen is the dominant technology in movies today. It is also being used in video production and studio shoots to achieve the best effects. Here is how to use the Hanumex Green Backdrop in a proper way, to get the best effects.

Use Proper Lighting

Lighting is among the most major concerns that come up in the production of videos of the best quality. A lack or excess of light can determine the success or failure of your photos or videos. You need to place the sources of light in a precise manner. The lighting must be uniform, as you would like to avoid the appearance of any shadow on your green screen.

When there are shadows, your final output will have darkness cast on it. Keep in mind that much more is needed than simply effective lighting, to avoid having your final products look horrible.

Plan Ahead

You have to imagine the background of your final product in a proper way. It is important to envision the entire video in totality. You have to consider the background and also the subjects who will appear in the shots that you take. The better your vision is and the more planning that you undertake, the better and more cohesive your results are going to be.

Think about the distance

You need to make your actors stand at a distance of minimum of 10 feet from the Green screen for YouTube. Otherwise, there would be risks of spillage of color. At a proper distance from the screen, there would be no risk of color spills and only the screen itself would get removed while editing.

Make the actors wear proper clothing

After you are done arranging the background, you have to take care of those who would stand before the Hanumex Green Backdrop. Strictly do away with brown, khaki, or green clothing. These tend to get transparent in the results that come up after the Chroma key is removed. You should also avoid clothes that have patterns on them.

Arrange the props

Props are needed in any video production or photography sessions. But you should avoid the use of any shiny or reflective objects. The green color from the Green screen for YouTube would be reflected by these. These can also become transparent.

Once you have considered and taken care of all these aspects, it can be easier for you to achieve the best effects with the Hanumex Green Backdrop. You can easily replace the Chroma key with impressive videos and images, and even add visual effects, to come up with the most amazing videos and photos that the world has ever seen. Who knows, a viral video or picture might just be around the corner for you!

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