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Clip-on lapel microphone for Smartphones, cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, tablets,and other audio/video recording devices
Omni-directional Condenser Microphone Excellent for interviews Dual-lavalier microphone
Improved Sensitivity and Signal-to-Noise Includes carrying pouch

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YouTube has become one of the biggest platforms for people who had always been looking for that ‘big break’ in their loves but had been denied it. It has also turned into one of the best, easiest, and most affordable platforms for video-based advertising. If you are planning to jump onto the YouTube bandwagon, keep in mind that high quality needs superior accessories. Sound accessories are one of them. If you are looking for the best mic for YouTube, the Boya Dual Lavalier Universal Microphone can fit the bill. Find out what makes us say so.

Features of the best mic for YouTube

This is a clip-on lapel microphone that can be used for various types of video or audio recording devices.

It comprises two Omni-directional Lavalier Universal Microphones and can pick up voices very well. It is perfect for use in interviews.

Each Mic can route audio signals to a discrete channel.

There is better signal-to-noise and a higher level of sensitivity to expect from this microphone.

It comprises of a solid carry case, or pouch, which can be very useful in keeping the microphone safe and sound.

The Boya Dual Lavalier Universal Microphone comes with just one stereo connector of 1/8th inch dimensions, and you can use it very easily with smartphones.

The microphone cable is 13-inch or 4 meters in length. It offers a distance of 9.2-inch or 2.8 meters between the two microphones, which ensures placement with a lot of comforts. It consists of tie clips that let you use the microphone hands-free.

This best mic for YouTube is ideal to use for webcasts, podcasts, presentations, interviews, and more. You can use it in any circumstance where multiple subjects have to be properly recorded.

There is a wonderful off-axis response due to its Omni-directional polar pattern, even when the subject turns head at the time of speaking.

There are two microphones which are able to pick up sound recordings from dual sources, simultaneously.

The Boya Dual Lavalier Universal Microphone comprises a metal power pack of a rugged build.

Design and Build of Boya mic

The head of the best mic for YouTube is constructed of plastic and comprises a metal clip as well as a foam windscreen. The clip that is included with the microphone is of superior quality. It is composed of metal and includes teeth, which makes it easier for you to attach it safely onto your apparel while recording voices.

The long and thin cable can let you move about easily while recording, as you talk before the camera. For some people, it can be a problem. But there is an in-built Velcro strap that allows the cable to be managed with convenience. There is a clip on the capsule having controls.

You can plug this mic directly into your smartphone’s headphone jack. In case you possess an iPhone comprising of a lightning connector, you can attach it with the help of the small dongle with a lot of convenience.

Sound Quality of Boya mic, The best mic for YouTube

This is an Omni-directional lavalier microphone and is able to pick sounds up equally well from any direction. You can get a sound of more natural quality. The Boya Dual Lavalier Universal Microphone is not too sensitive to handling noise, pop, and wind unlike how a directional microphone is.

While live streaming on Instagram or Facebook, or while recording videos for YouTube, you would like to ensure that you have audio of the best quality. With some microphones, not everything can be heard properly. That is not the case here with this best mic for YouTube. This one generates a sound of excellent quality and it can be used across various mediums and devices. You can get decent quality sound from this unit, with low handling noise as you try out audio editing, video editing, and podcasting.

How to Use It?

The best mic for YouTube is a powered one. Thus, it is compatible with bigger cameras such as a DSLR as well as on smartphones. In case you do not plan to use it on a camera, turn it off by switching it to a smartphone mode. This can save energy.

Within the capsule, there is a battery compartment. You can put an LR44 battery into this. The battery might be there in the package, or not, based on the seller that you buy from. It is better that you double-check this prior to buying.

The sound is quite clean as you make single-person recordings in a noiseless room. While you move about, some amount of noise will be generated – particularly in case you do not remember to clip your mic clear of clothing.

Where to Use It?

It can be used in almost any spot. This is a very lightweight microphone and has a 6-m long cable to be plugged into the recording equipment. Thus, you can get lots of space for moving about in case you want the microphone to be plugged into a camera that is placed a little distance away.

This best mic for YouTube can be used as an interview mic. As in the case of podcasts, you can place it over the table that is there between the speakers. It is able to pick sounds up equally well from any direction. The audio quality is going to astonish you, it is so good.

Keep in mind that the Boya Dual Lavalier Universal Microphone is quite a sensitive microphone. It needs you to make level adjustments on your camera, so as to prevent the clipping that can often be noted in a few audio tests. However, that can be adjusted quite easily.


Small in size, the Boya Dual Lavalier Universal Microphone is easily portable and can easily be set up and used wherever needed. This versatile little best mic for YouTube is able to record audio of pretty decent quality. It can be used to record podcasts of single persons. It can pick up good audio to be used with video footage. However, it can even be used for multi-speaker input. This can make a perfect starter kit for podcasters and YouTubers having a tight budget but the desire to shoot high-quality audio.

  • Recording Quality
  • Length of wire
  • Durability
  • Noise Cancellation


I personally using this mic for quite some time and I must say this is the best under budget microphone for shooting youtube videos. It is compact, durable and the best part is it catches very little noise. For beginners, this is highly recomended.

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